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Dice Mugs by Reiki Magick

Celtic Boar Mug Wrap

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The perfect leather wrap to keep your fingers cool and your drink hot! It even fits snugly around your Custom Dice Mug!

Multicolored stamped leather mug wrap

Handmade and stamped

3"x 8"-10"

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Every order of $90 dollars or more comes with FREE SHIPPING!! Just add one of our home made Leather Wraps to your Dice Mug order!

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  • Family Owned Buisness

    This home operated company based out of Duluth, Minnesota stemmed from Reiki Magick. We travel the US to sell our mugs and more at many different Renaissance Festivals, Comic Cons, and Conventions

  • Hand Poured Resin

    Every Dice Mug has a hand poured resin base that takes at least four days to finish completely. We work as fast we can to get your order to you ASAP, but you can't rush perfection!