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16 oz Custom Centerpiece Mug

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Our stainless steel, glass bottomed mugs, have a resin filled, tip resistant base containing the centerpiece and stones of your choice!  Hand poured resin and hand picked gemstones for our best custom finish!

Please choose the your desired Stone, Centerpiece and Metal from from the separate drop down lists. 

If you do not see your desired Stone and/or Centerpiece, Choose Other and enter the desired Stone and/or Centerpiece in the provided text field. We will email you with centerpiece options to ensure the custom mug is perfect for you. Please ensure you include your email address upon completeion of your order.

***To purchase with a credit card please select the Paypal option then select pay with credit card***

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Every order of $90 dollars or more comes with FREE SHIPPING!! Just add one of our home made Leather Wraps to your Dice Mug order!

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