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New Colors. New Stones. Better Sound. Better Rolls!

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Our 16oz stainless steel, glass bottomed Dice Mugs have a resin filled, tip resistant base containing a fully randomizable, mini D20 set.

  • Candles

    Each one of our unique Candles are hand poured 100% unscented beeswax. Then each number or window is completely hand painted.

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  • Dice Mugs

    Our Dice Mugs start with a stainless steel, glass bottomed mug base, which is then filled with our hand selected Gemstones, aluminum shavings, and a full set of mini 7 DnD dice. All sealed in the wide, resin base

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  • Leather Wraps

    Our Leather Wraps are handmade and stamped by Red Paw Leather and fit perfectly around your Custom Dice Mug!

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